How to Connect and Use a 3G USB Wi-Fi Router

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Using a USB Wi-Fi router whether in the office or at home provides you the convenience that you have been searching. This is the right opportunity of getting online at whatever time and place. The greatest aspect of a wireless internet connection is that you can share the internet with numerous computers at home or office. All you have to do is to attach the devices to the compatible router.

You should utilize a wireless router that manufacturers have designed for use alongside a 3G modem. The major task arises on the part of connecting and using the two devices. Well, you should continue reading this article and learn how to connect or use a 3G modem alongside a wireless router.

How to Connect USB Wi-Fi Router:

The first step involves connecting the modem to your personal computer through the USB cable. One end of the cable is rectangular, which you should plug into the computer’s port at its back. You should plug the second end into the USB port that you will find on the backside of your modem. Plug the end of your power cable inside the power port on the modem’s back.

Consequently, you should plug the end of a transformer in the power outlet. The next step involves putting the power of the modem. As soon as you put on power, an installation menu for a new hardware will appear on the computer’s monitor.

Insert the CD-ROM for installation into the CD-ROM drive of the computer. You should follow its menu prompts as you allow the Windows to search for the necessary drivers. When you receive an option of selecting a network connection, you should select “LAN.”

The moment you complete the installation process, you should not reboot the computer. Instead, you should close that menu and shut off the computer as usual. Connect the cable to Ethernet to your modem and the other end at the back of USB Wi-Fi router at the port named “Internet.”

The next step is connecting the power to your router and then you turn on your computer. When the computer boots, you should check your IP address whether it suits your USB Wi-Fi router. You should never forget to add security features like a password before you complete the connection process.

How to Use A 3G Modem with A USB Wi-Fi Router:

The first step involves connecting the USB Wi-Fi router to the source of power. One end of power supply should go into the AC’s port and the other in the electrical outlet.The second step involves connecting the 3G modem on the USB slot on the Wi-Fi router using the USB cable.

Switch on the computer and select the right wireless network option that is named depending on the model of your router. You should repeat these steps for any other device you want to connect to the USB Wi-Fi router. You should not forget to select a password to avoid unauthorized people from using your network.