8 Ways How You Can Maximize Your Business Blog

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You can do a lot more with your business blog than just blogging. Tickling the keyboard and producing great content for your followers is great but you can get more out of your business blog. So aside from producing high-quality evergreen content, here are some things you can try to improve your blog’s performance:

Increase your subscriber base:

Expanding the reach of your blog is always worth your time and effort. Look into your data and see where your site visitors are coming from. Most likely you will find them coming from organic search, direct traffic, email, or social media. Make sure you have a good landing page where they can subscribe to your blog. You can also have a call to action (CTA) in your emails, articles, or free reports.

Tweak old post titles:

You need to pour in your creativity when coming up with your titles and headlines. As you produce new content, do not allow old posts to be just buried and forgotten. Optimize their titles so search engines can find them easier.

Solicit contents from thought leaders and the best websites:

Aside from saving yourself a good chunk of time writing a content you barely know, why not invite subject experts to write it for you. You can also as high-profile blow owners to produce the content for you. This way you build relationships and also help your blog gain more authority in your chosen niche.

Optimize your CTAs:

You need traffic, a ton of it, to your blog if you want it to help your business. You want your blog to generate leads that may, in turn, be buying customers. Make sure you have a convincing call-to-action for each of your post. You can also experiment with different layouts, copies, and colors to see which generate more sales.

Your blog is your sales tool:

If you have content that practically talks about the nature of your business, products, or services, then it is a perfect tool to boost your sales. Your articles show potential clients how they can solve their problems by hiring your or buying from you. Use your content to drive the message across and rake in those additional profits.

Re-purpose some old content:

You can squeeze your own blog for new content ideas. Well, you can use your blog content on other marketing channels like your social media profiles, emails, or even use it to teach your sales team and customers about your products and services.

Optimize your blog for social media sharing:

Everything now depends on social media. Make sure you can maximize the potential of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other networks by making it easier for your readers to share your posts with their friends or co-workers. Install buttons and widgets that will make sharing a lot easier.

Update your old content:

Most likely you have old blog posts that have performed when you published them. Go back to these articles and update them. Give the article a makeover and republish them. With some effort you can bring them back to life and who knows, they might even go viral.