Wireless Networks - A Brief Overview

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After all those months of problems on the network and computer support, you’ve finally had enough and decided that the home or office needs an update. Wireless or wired? Examine the possibilities. If you are motivated and do not care about the cost of a lot of movement, then a wired network is probably ok for you. Instead, if you like the most cutting-edge technology and the flexibility to use the web on the move, you may want to consider the wireless option.

Wireless networking is just what the name applies: it allows multiple computers to access high-speed Internet via a local network without cables or wires. Having a secure wireless network at home makes the sharing of files among multiple computers and devices (such as a printer, or iPhone) from the wind. WiFi, you can also surf the Internet without running cables. This allows you to share files and documents from computer to computer, connect multiple computers to a printer, use the multi-player feature of the console game, download the files to portable wireless devices such as iPods.

Popular wireless technologies usually follow one of three major communication standards Wi-Fi. These standards relate to factors such as data transfer rates and the operating frequency. There is a perception that wireless networks are unreliable, poor performance and increased security risks. Like any technology, which is the first of its kind, it may have been true at first, but the wireless network has come a long way and is fast becoming the network of the election. And it’s not just users who buy a wireless laptop, are people with computers stationery to choose it too.

You see, with wireless, you are not bound by cables or ropes and can basically access the Internet anywhere. Wireless networks can promote greater use the Internet to support many users in your home or business without the need for more connection points.

Like all computers and network connections, maintaining your safety is paramount. If you do not take the necessary precautions, your network open to all at your fingertips. Is your neighborhood or school below to access your local network and files on your computer. Some proactive steps to be taken to ensure that all network includes changing passwords default administrator, you enable encryption to encode messages sent over the wireless network or using MAC (Media Access Control) restrict network access to some units.

What will you choose? Adopt new state of the art technology and benefit from a network is not bound by the child or a stick with a wired network? Whatever you choose, just make sure you are looking for a reputable company to install the network – with more than half.

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