Being a Good Follower - The Other Side of Leadership

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Many times we focus on being a good leader. But, it is also important to become a good follower. Since humans are social beings and we rely on each other for help, it is a good idea to incorporate both in our lives. Following other people can be of great benefit too. We can learn from them, take their advice, or follow in their footsteps. Overall, keeping this in mind can also propel you to a higher leadership role down the road.

Taking orders and following commands are commonly seen as being a follower. It is important to obey your superiors and does as they ask. Unless you feel the order is immoral, following them without question will make you seem very disciplined. Giving excuses or delaying an order can be seen as detrimental. Therefore, it is important to follow commands in order to gain the respect of others.

Developing personality traits is important for being a good follower. These include listening skills, attentiveness, being reliable, showing honesty, having patience, and much more. Many of these attributes are seen as favorable in the eyes of others. Displaying these qualities will get you noticed more since you are capable of following people.

Other characteristics are important for becoming a good follower. These qualities focus more on the person who will be followed. These include respect, admiration, loyalty, and so on. Focusing more on the other person will show them that you care about their wishes. This also gives them the opportunity to guide you since you are being cooperative.

Leading and following often go hand in hand. We will have to do both at some point in our lives. Even though being a leader may seem more favorable, it is still just as important to be a good follower. This often strikes a balance since this can prevent you from being seen as too bossy. In addition, in order to gain a leadership position, we need to start from somewhere. Therefore, being a good follower will help enable you to become a leader.