Choose Your Custom Paint Motorcycle Helmet

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A custom paint motorcycle helmet could be the key to a confident styling ride on your motorcycle. You will definitely get the attention of others with this kind of helmets. So what are you waiting for? Start deciding what you want in your custom motorcycle helmet!

Is this custom helmet for you or will it be a gift for someone else? If it will be a gift for someone else, you will have to brainstorm to determine what kinds of things the recipient likes as well as their personality.

Having a custom paint helmet reflecting the recipient’s individuality makes for a memorable choice of gifts. You can guarantee they won’t ask for a receipt to trade it in for something else!

Perhaps the custom motorcycle helmets are for you. Since only you know yourself the best, it could be a tough decision to figure out what you might want! Interests vary and you may not know where to start in the scheme of things. One way to decide is to figure out what you want your base color to be.

When you decide on a base color for your custom paint motorcycle helmet, it might spur you on to an idea. Do not even think about whether the artist would know how to draw something in particular. Just assume that they can. You do not want to limit yourself!

Most likely, your custom helmet will be an airbrush design. For intricate designs, it takes a bit of trial and error before the artist is pleased. Thus, it is often a labor of love for them. So unless there is a custom paint motorcycle helmet already created, your order will take several weeks before you receive it.

What do you want to be painted onto your helmet? If you want to portray an image of one bad dude, how about a skeleton dressed up in leather? Or present a hot and steamy image with flames of fire on your custom paint motorcycle helmet. Other bad to the bone themes include a fierce-looking eagle, rusty barbed wire, a crown of thorns or even a fire-breathing dragon.

The ladies have some snazzy choices as well in a custom motorcycle helmet. How about some colorful tropical flowers painted on a pitch black helmet? Or a blood red rose that has been touched with a hint of morning dew? Airbrush artists can accomplish practically anything with their painting talents.

Maybe you want your custom helmet to reflect your family history. You could have your family’s coat of arms painted on your helmet. Or if your great-great grandfather emigrated from Ireland, Celtic crosses and other Irish symbolism would be good choices.

There are no right or wrong choices, just unique ones. By having the artwork on your helmet reflect your background, preferences or personality, you will be more likely to enjoy it. Just take your time to make your decisions on color and design.

By being cautious and thoughtful about your custom paint motorcycle helmet, you will be sure to catch the eyes of passersby out on the open road.


  1. Yeah, that 1st helmet look fantastic!

  2. I think I should buy a custom motorcycle helmet for me as well :) What do you think? Does it worth it?

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